Monday, May 30, 2011

A BYU Graduate, Missionary, and a Beauty!

Memorial Day 2011

The visiting ducks, Estefan and Alice, are here today. They come and go!

Rob has been tinkering in the garage, and painting.

Bridget is planting June seeds in the garden. Her flower garden from last year returned, it is beautiful.

I have watched one too many episodes of Criminal Minds, and I am restricting this show from my life for a while. Simply too many nightmares. Just ask Rob!

Weston finished up the MTC (likened it unto a very long Sunday School lesson -- well he did!) He is now in Washington. Check his FB page for latest addresses and photos. Speaking of photos: those he took at the MTC were lost in the post when he sent them home. He did not erase them from his disc luckily. So he will resend. Instead of getting his photos we received a letter from a student living in Heritage Halls --go figure! --Inside the photo envelope, even!

Family can email Weston at, but he doesn't have time to return all emails, except to his MOTHER! Or you can send a letter to his residence at: 309 W. Chestnut St. Centralia, WA 98531 for the next 3 weeks or so, if he is not transferred then it will remain the same.

Trevor graduated BYU this past April. He and Brianna decided to take the Scholarship offered at The Phoenix School of Law. They will move to Phoenix after Brianna finishes TaylorAndrew School of Hair Design in June.

Bridget plans to visit Utah, Idaho, go to Youth Conference, Girls Camp, and then start her Senior year August 10. She's looking at BYU Hawaii or Provo. I vote ASU!

...Humm... that covers it!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 2011

Hello everyone!

Weston is off to Tacoma Washington. He will enter the MTC on April 20, but fly to Provo on the 19th to spend a day with Trevor and the Missionary Mall. So proud of my Weston.

Trevor graduates from the BYU school of Business on April 21 @ 4pm. So proud of my Trevor!

Bridget keeps up the fine grades of some AP courses, and I am so proud of her, too.

Proud of Rob and all that he does for the family!

Proud of myself a bit, I am teaching a reading intervention class full time for 4 first grade classrooms. It feels good to be back in the classroom. This position came about in February and lasts until the end of the 2011 school year. So just enough to enjoy and not become exhausted!
I will see what pops up next year. Something always does!

Rob and I returned from a quick trip to Vegas. We saw Nathan Burton Comedy at the Flamingo and Mistere' @ Treasure Island. Enjoyed them both. Rob made $6 on the penny slots. The buffet at the Flamingo, where we stayed, was delicious! ...I loved the bacon!

All is well!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Rob to Utah

Our sincerest sympathies to the D. Prince family @ the recent passing of Julie Prince. Rob has shared fond stories of her, with me, as they grew-up in Northridge. He will be traveling to Utah to participate in a Life Remembrance of Julie Prince. (Travel safe Roberto)

I am so proud that Bridget has kept up her good habit of running @ least 4 times a week, it is an example to me...get on the running, more like walking shoes for me. Yet still, walking is rated a great excersise:)

Weston landed him a Big Screen @ the Deseret Industries for $16. His room is so COOL! Uses it for xbox stuff. Which opens the downstairs Big Screen, late @ night, for Rob and Bridget's new 'liking to Criminal Minds'.

Trevor is working on his entrance letter to accompany his application into 5 different Law Schools...hoping for Western University of Southern Cal. I think his letter and approach is captivating, and if I get his permission I wil post it:)

Trevor will take the graduation commencement walk this April 2011 and Graduate in Business, Brianna will have until June, thus Trevor figured he may use that time to attach classes for an Italian Minor. Busy couple:)

I have been reading some Tao Philosophy and want to share a tidbit. This section is called Pivoting:

" Some days, you and I go mad. Our bellies get stuffed full, Hearts break, minds snap. We can't go on the old way so WE CHANGE. Our lives pivot, forming a mysterious and beautiful geometry. Yet no matter how profiled the shapes of the day the sunsets faithfully and breath taking."

I thought this to be inspiring:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What feature do I use?

First off I have noticed that several blogs have a list at the right side of the blog that shows family and friends along with the day they last posted, I want to learn how to set this up on my blog. Is this easy to do?

Also, what are some free sights -that you may be aware of -that carry a variety of blog templates. Or are these to be purchased programs?

New favorite TV show: Winterland Wipeout!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Dragon Ball Z Marathon with my Weston:)

Okay you're asking yourself, "What in the world?" But I enjoy my time with Weston in many unique ways. Japanese cartoons, video games--at which I stink severely, but Weston always encourages me to try again. I truly think Weston ought to land a Mission Call in Korea, Japan, Tiawan, you know a POKEMON place. Elder Kang at Lila's place put some peace into my heart...excellent Elder, and yet he too, spoke Weston's Language:)

I have noticed that Bridget likes to write poetry and Lyrics. And she has Advanced classes @ School, always pulling wonderful grades.

Rob and I are meeting up with Cliff and Shantelle in Vegas first of February, FUN and only a 6 hour drive:) Yippee! We really enjoy their company.

As of late I have really found some fun vintage clothes @ the Deseret Industries. It's fun to walk out the door with a bunch for so few$. And quality taboot!

Nancy, to whom , I owe a big hug and thanks has provided family research for my Kerbs line. I finally registered up with Family Research and hope to become the great geneologist I see in Nancy. It's the research that gets me frustrated and lost...but I sent a prayer to Heaven--"If you want this done for you, Show up in front of my eyes!" We shall see:) It's a bit demanding!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bits and Pieces of the week past:)

Weston got cast off--now has skin flaking off like leprosy:)
Bridget dates most every evening in one little activitiy to another-- not so little --activity. Recently went Ice Staking.
Trevor "the New and upcoming Lawyer for the Entertainers of Hollywood is appyling to a law school in LosAngeles specializing in this type of law:)
Rob and all the Orme Brothers and Ormes have been making connections of FB due to the Photo of original Orme Bros t- shirt being a catalyst for reunion:)
Lana take state educator exam today, o e of many over the years to keep credential current.
Lana realy misses Trevor and Brianna, may drive to Utah over Martin Luther King weekend...could happen:) to see some FB friends, and family member too in Utah.
Oranges and Grapefruit are ready for the picking:)
Ornaments off tree and decor in containers...moving right along:) Lights still up, but keep the folage warm on these cold nights.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Tuesday Morning

Mornings go like this:
6:30am, although she can drive Juniors are not allowed to park on campus, "Mom time to drive me to school."
6:40am Dogs go out, then come in and eat!
6:55 Lana hits the FB scene:)
7:00 Rob's up
7:30 Rob's out the door
FROM THERE IT VARIES, but the afore mentioned hours pretty much set in stone!

Altima needs smog check
Lana wants/needs nail check
Reading a Tao philosophy book/intriguing
Baptisms @ Temple

And that is Tuesday:)