Monday, May 30, 2011

A BYU Graduate, Missionary, and a Beauty!

Memorial Day 2011

The visiting ducks, Estefan and Alice, are here today. They come and go!

Rob has been tinkering in the garage, and painting.

Bridget is planting June seeds in the garden. Her flower garden from last year returned, it is beautiful.

I have watched one too many episodes of Criminal Minds, and I am restricting this show from my life for a while. Simply too many nightmares. Just ask Rob!

Weston finished up the MTC (likened it unto a very long Sunday School lesson -- well he did!) He is now in Washington. Check his FB page for latest addresses and photos. Speaking of photos: those he took at the MTC were lost in the post when he sent them home. He did not erase them from his disc luckily. So he will resend. Instead of getting his photos we received a letter from a student living in Heritage Halls --go figure! --Inside the photo envelope, even!

Family can email Weston at, but he doesn't have time to return all emails, except to his MOTHER! Or you can send a letter to his residence at: 309 W. Chestnut St. Centralia, WA 98531 for the next 3 weeks or so, if he is not transferred then it will remain the same.

Trevor graduated BYU this past April. He and Brianna decided to take the Scholarship offered at The Phoenix School of Law. They will move to Phoenix after Brianna finishes TaylorAndrew School of Hair Design in June.

Bridget plans to visit Utah, Idaho, go to Youth Conference, Girls Camp, and then start her Senior year August 10. She's looking at BYU Hawaii or Provo. I vote ASU!

...Humm... that covers it!

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